Frequently asked questions

How does the onboarding work?

This is everything that happens after you sign up.

1. You receive a welcome email.

Within minutes of registering, we will automatically send you an email to the email address you used during the registration process. This email will include details such as:

  • How to securely send us your login details.
  • How to contact our support team.
  • How to access the ticket portal.

2. Full backup of your website

Within hours of registration, our team will perform a full backup of your website’s core files and database.
We do this before making any edits or updates to the website. In case something goes wrong, it is important that we have access to a full backup of the website.

3. At this point, onboarding officially begins

Our team is notified that you have signed up and the care plan you have subscribed to. Our team will automatically queue your website for onboarding.

Our extensive onboarding checklist is designed to provide us with as much information about your website as possible. It will provide us with the knowledge we need to comprehensively maintain, support and optimise your site.

The most important points on our checklist include:

  • Running a multi-tool security analysis, including a security check of the most common weaknesses.
  • Checking your website’s plugins and themes.
  • Performance analysis using a variety of tools, including Google PageSpeed.

4. Start submitting website edits

Once our team has successfully completed the initial backups described in step 2 above, we can begin making changes to your website.
As detailed in the welcome email you received when you signed up for the service, you will have several ways to submit website editing requests to us:
You can either email our support team directly or log into your ticket panel and submit a new ticket from there.

5. 24/7 uptime monitoring

We will connect your website to our uptime monitoring system. This system checks every 60 seconds that your website is working properly.
If for some reason it is not, our team will be notified and will set to work to fix any problems within our control as soon as possible.

How uptime monitoring work? We have automated tools that check every minute of every day the status of your website(s) managed by our team. This tool checks that your website is not throwing any errors. In the event that our automated software detects that your website is down or is showing non-normal activity, it will contact our help desk so that someone from our team can take care of the issue.

6- Safe core and plugin updates

We will perform safe updates to all your plugins, themes and core files.
In case your website has complex, e-commerce, affiliate or multilingual plugins, we may perform additional tests before making the updates to ensure that the updates are performed correctly.

How do plugin, theme and core file updates work? We update the plugins, themes and core files of all the websites we manage. We run updates using our secure procedure and before we start the process of running a set of updates, our team members will perform an additional full backup of your core files and database.

We perform WordPress updates on a weekly basis and do so during off-peak traffic hours, so that any potential issues related to the updates do not negatively affect your site when most people are active.

Weekly updates are safer from a security point of view than daily updates, as it avoids the situation of updating a plugin or theme after a developer has accidentally released a new version, which for example has a bug or a security issue.

What about premium plugins that are not in the WordPress repository? We are happy to make updates for third-party premium plugins. You can either provide us with the account login details of the plugin you have purchased or you can send us the updated file and license securely.
However, we will not purchase or pay for any premium plugins or licenses on your behalf, you will have to do this directly with the plugin developer.

7. Mobile optimization

We will put your website through the Google Mobile-Friendly test to make sure it passes.
If it doesn’t, our team will get to work to make sure that every page on your website is compatible with all types of mobile devices and that it passes the test.

8. Speed optimization

Depending on the plan you have chosen, our team will work hard, especially in the first 10 to 15 days of starting your care plan, to improve the performance and loading time of your website. This includes
manual optimisation to ensure a solid foundation, as well as the installation of premium caching and image compression plugins. We will focus on reducing load times and improving online testing results as far as your server infrastructure allows. We will also advise you if you need to upgrade your host or implement a CDN.

9- Premium plugins installed

Our most advanced web care plans include a number of premium plugins. During the onboarding period, our team will install the WP Rocket caching plugin on your website, as well as the Imagify image optimisation plugin, among others, in order to improve the performance and security of your website.

10. Your first care report

If you have chosen one of our more advanced plans, you will receive the first report on your website on the first Monday after registration, provided you have not registered during the weekend. In that case, you will receive your first report the following Monday.

Otherwise, if you have chosen our basic care plan, the reports will be monthly and you will receive them four weeks after you have started your web care plan.

It will contain all information about updates, as well as backups, uptime, traffic and performance of your WordPress website.

11. Ongoing support

Our team will be on hand to provide you with all the help you need with your WordPress website.
We’ll take care of updates, performance and security monitoring, any website edits you request, ongoing speed and security optimisation, backups, uptime monitoring and anything else you might need.